Lauren Porter Sculpture

By using craft as an art form I am provided with rich social and historical connotations, crucial to the work that I produce. My interests lie in the tensions between material and subject matter. By combining opposites I am able to play with ideas and perceptions.

‘12 Miles of Yarn’ 2006 is an example of how opposites can work together. The high design of the sports car represented with the traditional home craft of knitting sparks thoughts in many directions.

Through attention to detail and humour I aim to draw the viewer in for a closer look. I believe that optimism and good craftsmanship can be truly significant in portraying deeper meaning.

By using different connotations and social symbols I have found that my work appeals to a wide range of people. I enjoy showing work in different contexts, sharing it with people who might not necessarily be expecting it.

Alongside my art practice I am a qualified art therapist working London.